Dental Insurance

We are not a participating  office in any dental insurance plan.  Our philosophy is that any dental decisions and treatment are between the patient and the dentist.  Services rendered here are based on what is best for your dental health, not because your insurance will pay for it. 


A participating office will accept your insurance payment as payment in full, usually at a reduce rate as compared to what was charged.  In order to make up for this reduction in payment, sometimes “other services” may be needed.  Some participating offices will “unbundle” charges that are included in our fees in order to make up this difference. The other method that may be used to overcome this deficiency in payment is to schedule multiple patients at the same time.  Finally, if your insurance plan has a low reimbursement schedule, some offices may limit the number of those patients they see on a given day, or only reserve “off times” for that type of insurance.


We make it our responsibility to provide high quality, affordable dental care for you not the insurance company.